Bible Based

The reason we can know who God is, who we are, how we should relate to Him and how we should relate to each other is because He explained it to us in a book, The Bible. Many of us spend time studying Scripture as we strive to understand what God has conveyed to us. What happens when we disagree? How do we relate to each other when we disagree over matters that are seemingly insignificant? What do we do when we disagree over matters of critical significance? How do we differentiate between the two? As we continue in our series, Hitting the Mark, Marks of a Healthy Church, this week we will examine what it means that Hughson is Bible Based.   Join us online this week as we look at the area of sound doctrine and what we do when we disagree over what the Bible says with other believers. It may be helpful to also take a look at two previous series on our website, Has God Spoken from 2017 where we examined the authority of Scripture (what Jesus believed about Scripture as well as the authors) and Discerning the Disputable in 2019 where we examined how to navigate areas of disagreement where Scripture gives freedom to disagree.