Romans 1:26-32

We’ve made a mess. Sometimes we lie about it not being us (we claim we didn’t color on the walls, though there is marker on our hands). Sometimes we blame others to make us feel better. Sometimes we convince ourselves we had nothing to do with it. Like a stubborn child who wants their way, even though what they want will lead to disaster (stepping out onto an ice covered pond that isn’t frozen enough to bear weight or crossing a road to see something on the other side without checking for traffic) – we want our way – even if we don’t understand the ramifications of our decision or are willing to live with the mess believing the momentary satisfaction we experience will outweigh any consequence. Like a child who thinks they know better than their parents, we are convinced we know better than God.  So God gave us over. He let us have our way. But the mess got worse, not better. Then we either blame Him for the mess or attempt to reason Him out of existence. Yet, He is still our only hope. And thankfully instead of abandoning us, He’s provided a way out of the mess. He entered the mess to get us out.