It was 25 years ago, about a year and a half after I began pastoring James North, that I realized how important casting vision is. I have always and continue to believe, that of first importance is a vital relationship each of us desperately needs with God, which of course is intricately linked to sound doctrine but I didn’t understand the importance of vision. God began to help me to understand the critical role vision plays in building His Kingdom. We need a vital and vibrant relationship with God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That relationship is built on the firm foundation of His Word in Scripture. Vison then calls us to grow in our Christlikeness so we are able to live selflessly in order to serve others, be burdened for the lost as we see our sin and need of salvation from God’s perspective so we are delighted to share the good news of the Gospel. Vison calls us to live off less so we can give away more, to not only see God’s hatred of injustice but our calling to eradicate it. Vision calls us to be the most welcoming people on earth as God is saving from every language, tribe, culture and tongue. Vision calls us to something together as the body of Christ that we cannot be or achieve on our own.  

Join us Sunday as we take a look at God’s vision for unity in his church in a day when disagreements over protocols are tearing churches apart. How should James North respond? The notes are attached.  

Join us at 9 or 11 am or livestream Sunday.