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We are excited to announce that the North End Soccer League will be running this summer!

James North Baptist Church is working with Onside Athletics to offer a higher quality league in our neighourhood.  The league will continue to meet at Eastwood Park on Tuesday nights from 6:30 -8:15pm. The evening will begin with a practice time, followed by a team talk focusing on the Christian Faith and then a game. There a few changes that we are excited about as well. There will be four age divisions instead of three (ages 4 – 12), the league will start on Tuesday May 24th and run until Tuesday July 26th. Every child will receive both a team jersey and their own soccer ball.  We will have certified paid referees each week and our coaches will receive more extensive training. The cost of this league would normally be $125 but in wanting to keep the league affordable, James North Baptist Church is absorbing some of the cost this year and so the cost will be $99.


Sponsorships are available for any child who wants to play and is unable to afford to. Please inquire at