Acts 15:22 – Acts 16:5

Our day is a dark day. Our culture has moved from assuming God’s existence, to denying God’s existence, to assuming His non-existence. The prevalent worldview on Scripture has also shifted from; it is God’s Book, to it’s one of God’s Books; to it’s a good book; to it’s a corrupt, unjust and unethical book. That ideology has penetrated the minds of many believers. They have an inaccurate view of Scripture that is shaped more by culture than by historical, orthodox Christianity. That shift has caused many believers to question, redefine, and even deny the authority of Scripture. Their view of Scripture then, calls into question a number of historically orthodox beliefs and behaviors. How do we navigate this day when so many would suggest that our remaining true to a historic and orthodox belief system tears at the unity of the church?

Join us Sunday for the second sermon on the Jerusalem Council and how we can navigate the issues of our day.

The notes are attached (they are a little extensive this week).